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Humanity must wake-up to the truth and be deceived no more with the lies involved in the fictional version of history we have all been taught by the enemy ”…by the time you read this entire book, your take on humanity will shine with a completely different light”

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Anthony J Vance

The author, Anthony J. Vance is a consummate researcher of Geography, science, theology, US and world history; and all topics related to the unfolding of this world. The author began his research in 1990, When he wrote his first book: The Whole Truth In Tithes, Don’t Be Tithed Around. Since writing that book the author has written five other books: Biblical Stories The Truth In Perspective; More Than A Pulpit Sermon; Hebrew Negro Heritage and Enslavement, Free Yourself; The Plight And Travels Of The Hebrews; and Why The White Man Rules. In researching multiple data sources to begin writing each of those books, the author increased his knowledge and overstanding of antiquity: history, science, maps, government documents and various religious books are the tenants to increasing in knowledge, leading to the truth of history.

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